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Redeem Codes update 2021

Redeem Codes

Call of Duty: Mobile includes a bunch of in-game items, including characters, outfits, gun skins, and more. These can be unlocked by levelling up, completing various missions and challenges or by spending CP in the game. Otherwise, if you want exclusive in-game items for free, then you can use codes and redeem them at the Call of Duty: Mobile redemption center.

COD Mobile Redeem Codes:

Redeem codes can be found via the official social media handles or influencers, but remember that some redeem codes are account-specific and might not work for everyone. Also, try to redeem them Redeem codes as soon as possible, as they expire after a certain amount of time. Here is the list of the latest codes available as of the publication date on this post:


How to redeem COD Mobile redeem codes:
* Open Call of Duty: Mobile in your device and go to the profile section present at the main Redeem codes screen’s top left corner.
* Copy the UID from the Player Profile and close the game.
* Now, go to Call of Duty: Mobile Redeem codes option Center.
* Enter your UID that you copied from the game and Redeem Code in their respective boxes.
* Enter the captcha for human verification and click on the Submit button.
* Now, open Call of Duty: Mobile again and check your in-game mailbox to collect your reward.

Note: Check the App Store and update if prompted to avoid losing your code once entered.